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Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Probably the biggest benefit of hardwood is its unique and beautiful look. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring materials there is. and it never goes out of style. Because of the large variety of trees and wood types, a world of colors, consistencies, designs, and grain patterns, all are available right here at Fancy Floors! Well discuss your wants and needs and we'll walk you through our showroom to find the perfect floor for your family.
Most interior designers would agree that hardwood flooring accentuates any d├ęcor, and provides a special touch of elegance. The timeless appeal and beauty of hardwood flooring enhances furnishings and creates the ambiance you desire, whether you're going for a smooth contemporary feel, or a warm comfortable atmosphere. With simple maintenance, you can enjoy stunning hardwood flooring that retains its appeal and elegance through the years.
Wood floors add value to your residence at resale time, not to mention it is a lifetime product. They increase in value as your home does. And because hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished they will live a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Most Realtors will tell you that hardwood flooring makes a huge difference to prospective buyers, and creates a more enjoyable living experience. According to a recent survey by the National Hardwood Flooring Association, "houses with hardwood flooring sell faster and bring higher prices than homes with other types of flooring".
Hardwood flooring has natural composition and durability that is easy to repair, making hardwood flooring a floor that will last for a hundred years or more. There are very few flooring materials that have been around as long as hardwood flooring. Over the centuries, it has shown itself to be a lovely and durable floor choice. Other newer materials have yet to prove themselves.
Hardwood flooring is durable and very easy to maintain. With minimal care, hardwood flooring will hold its beauty and elegance for years. As time passes, tones deepen and grain patterns emerge, adding to the original beauty of your hardwood flooring. Follow the simple manufacturer care suggestions to maintain your hardwood flooring, and then all you have to do is enjoy your fabulous hardwood floors.
Many individuals experience the frustration of allergies produced by dust and other irritants that may collect in carpet. Even grout lines in tile can collect allergens. Hardwood flooring is perfect for individuals who want chemical-free and all natural flooring. There are no grout lines or fibers to harbor harmful allergens, so your living environment is much healthier. And those concerned with preserving our ecosystem, remember that hardwood flooring is a renewable and recyclable material.
When shopping for hardwood flooring, you'll be amazed at the incredible choices in colors, wood grains, board widths, and all the different types of hardwood flooring available at Fancy Floors. One of the best features when choosing hardwood flooring is that you can select one that appeals to you, and is unique to your particular style. The natural qualities in hardwood vary greatly, and you'll never see another floor exactly like yours.
Not only is hardwood flooring pleasant to walk on, but it is naturally warm. Because of its thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic inch which absorb heat, hardwood flooring is an excellent insulator.
Are you an allergy sufferer? Hardwood flooring doesn't allow pollen, animal dander, or mold any place to thrive. If you are prone to allergies, you should know that hardwood flooring will not store pollen, dander or mold. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for anyone with any kind of environmental allergy. There are many types of Eco-Friendly hardwood flooring options made without chemicals, toxins, or finishes.
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