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Custom Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is an excellent choice for many people. Many find it appealing because hardwood floor maintenance is relatively low. Come in for hardwood flooring quotes and some amazing hardwood flooring sales.

Carpet Flooring

Along with the best carpet, you will also get the best customer service. We have beautiful premium carpets for you to choose from. Our wide carpet selection offers choices to meet everyone's needs and particular tastes.

Window Coverings

Let us give you a window consultation to help you get moving down the right path. We can help you find the proper measurement for the right kind of treatments for your window shape and size. From custom shades to window blinds to window shutters, we have it all!







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  • Professional approach to any project
  • Cutting-edge solutions for complex tasks
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For the best window treatments, window coverings and most beautiful flooring around in Santa Barbara call FANCY FLOORS COLOR CENTER today!

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Specialized Services

Creating the perfect space is more than just buying some furniture and a rug

While those are elements that can help create the overall feel of your room, there are many more aspects than that. A really important aspect of any room is the flooring. It can make or break a room and give it the feel that you have been looking for. With the right floor, your room will look complete and put together.

A wide selection of flooring services, carpets, hardwood and even installation

We have a wide selection of flooring services including carpets, hardwood, and even installation. Our experts have the knowledge necessary to guide you toward the perfect flooring to meet your needs. We can help you with every step. From choosing your floor to a price consultation to installation, we can help every step of the way.

Along with quality floors, we also offer a wide variety of window coverings

The floor is a big part of your room, it's true. The windows, however, are also eye catching. You definitely want to find the perfect treatment for your windows to help make your finished product look perfect. We can help with everything from finding the proper measurements to the right kind of treatment to installing your final product.

When you need professional flooring or high quality window coverings

Call Fancy Floors Color Center and receive free estimates and consultations for your flooring, window treatments and coverings needs!


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Making sure that you have the look that you are going for in your space is our goal. We want you to be happy with your look and our service. Let our experience and high quality customer service serve you and your needs. Let us help you find just what you are looking for in your home or office space. You won't be disappointed!

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